Friday, February 27, 2009

Feature Friday - Asspocket Productions

Today's feature is Stacey from Asspocket Productions.

Stacey makes clear stamps in so many different, unique designs. My personal favorite is the woven heart template. I love tools that help creativity. I also love collaboration. In the listing she points to some great instructions by Sweet Alyssum Dolls . For the example picture she uses some handmade paper from yours truly. I also really like her self inking, personalized monogram stamps, in particular the Celtic design. It would look so cool on envelopes or at the top of stationary.

Here is a bit more from Stacey:

How did you become an artist?

As long as I can remember I have always looked at things in a creative way, I was a childhood collector of ephemera, a sculptor of mud pies, and I even carved little totem poles out of crayons at school in kindergarten. This might have been because I was raised as an only child and I was isolated in Rural Canada, I had no playmates other than my own imagination and the occasional furry caterpillar and other little beasties.

Where do you like to create things?

The short answer is everywhere! Every time I move into a new house I claim more art space, so now I have a studio for "serious" art, the spare room is my sewing nook, my computer is in a comfy cubby and my stamping paraphernalia is in a corner of the living room. I take many of my product photos at the kitchen table to take advantage of light streaming in from 3 sides. I can also be found folding my napkin and twiddling straws into shapes and figures in restaurants and when hands are idle the mind is cooking up the next caper.

What is my biggest inspiration?

Everything! Live
music energizes me tremendously. Seeing other people's art on Etsy and elsewhere spurs me on to try and do more. The process, any art I do is messy, and I have a lot of those "happy accidents" that help me push the limits of the materials I have on hand.

What do you do besides create?

That's a difficult question, I am a full time graphic designer with Amazing Arts, I handle wholesale accounts as well as sell my own designs on Etsy, and Artfire, its long hours. When not doing commercial art, I paint, alter books and other items, I have a class once a week in advanced pottery and I dabble in lampwork bead and marble making. I have the best dog in the world and she keeps me from working too much. I do all of the other routine stuff that people do to live, but art and creating are part of nearly everything I do. It wasn't always like that, my sons are grown now, but while I was raising them I had little time and less space for art in my life.

What is my favorite thing in your shop right now?

I absolutely LOVE this ship ex libris;

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

I also do graphic design in the form of custom postcards and coming soon, custom designed pillow boxes.

I made my very first tutorial a few weeks ago about our unmounted Clear Cling stamps, to help people feel more comfortable with this stellar new stamping system. Check Stacey out on youtube, the tutorial is really clear and informative.

Want to know more about Stacey and all her artistic endeavors?
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